Body Sculpting: What a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills Does

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Known as an opulent neighborhood, Beverly Hills is a place full of fashionable people as gorgeous as the designer threads they wear. It isn’t surprising that in a world that’s seemingly obsessed with appearance, more and more women are turning to plastic surgery to make permanent enhancements appearances.

Money can’t buy everything, but in some ways it can certainly buy beauty. With the help of a skilled plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills like Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, a woman can chose from dozens of procedures aimed at helping her achieve a more sculpted, youthful, attractive-looking physique.

Plastic surgeons are specialists who have the knowledge and tools to both surgically and non-surgically alter and enhance the human body. Procedures they perform include the ever-popular breast augmentation (which involves surgically inserting silicone or saline implants into the breasts) and face lifts (a method of restoring youthful looks by removing excess skin from the face). In addition to surgical procedures, plastic surgeons often provide non-surgical enhancements as well such as injectables like Botox or Jevederm used on the face to smooth out lines and wrinkles.

While some types of plastic surgery procedures involve the addition of an implant or the transfer or fat from one area of the body to another, other procedures involve the removal of fat, skin or cartilage for a more slim, shapely look. One such procedure is a breast reduction, which requires removing excess tissue and fat to create a firmer and more youthful-looking chest. Liposuction also an example of a procedure that involves the removal of fat around the chest, abdomen, arms, legs or neck.

While these procedures all sound enticing to a woman looking to restore her youth and improve her appearance, women shouldn’t rush to just any surgeon for a breast reduction in Beverly Hills. Patients should trust only licensed and board-certified surgeons. Qualified and experienced surgeons have the necessary skills to carry out a successful surgery. Unlicensed surgeons raise red flags; they can endanger patients’ lives because of their lack of appropriate training. Potential plastic surgery patients should be sure to adequately research potential clients to protect themselves from possible risks.

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