Breasts are an essential part of a woman’s femininity and closely tied to her self-confidence. Pregnancy, heredity, age, illness, and prior surgeries can all take a toll on the form and shape of a woman’s breasts and cause many women to seek improvement. Dr. Hoefflin tailors each breast enhancement procedure he performs to fit the unique aesthetic goals of each patient, and he is experienced in creating beautiful, feminine, natural-looking breasts.

Dr. Hoefflin performs the following breast enhancement procedures:



Dr. Hoefflin is one of the most sought-after surgeons for breast augmentation in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hoefflin has extensive experience performing this procedure and achieving the youthful, fuller look women want. Learn more

Determining the implant type and size that fits best with your frame and your overall aesthetic goals is a very important decision. Dr. Hoefflin is very skilled at assisting patients in this selection process.




It is not uncommon for women to have breasts that are of uneven size and shape. Breast asymmetry surgery corrects this problem, and the end result is breasts that are more symmetrical, even, and balanced.

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Transumbilical breast augmentation is a scarless technique wherein saline implants are placed through the belly button, and no incisions are made to the breasts. In addition to no visible scaring, this revolutionary technique also offers a rapid recovery and less downtime when compared to traditional breast augmentation.

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Dr. Hoefflin is highly skilled at performing breast lifts and performs many of these procedures each year at his clinic. Breast lift patients report that weight loss, pregnancy, or age have taken a toll on their breasts and left them loose and sagging. Breast lifts are performed to help women achieve more firm and lifted breasts for a shapelier, younger look.

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Breast reconstruction surgery is performed to restore the breasts to their original form after a masectomy performed to treat breast cancer. Dr. Hoefflin offers his patients the newest and safest reconstruction techniques, having trained at two of the premier breast reconstruction hospitals in our nation, UCLA and Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospitals.

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Breast reduction in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles is not as common as breast augmentation, but for women with overly large breasts, this procedure does more than improve their appearance. It also provides relief for many problems associated with large breasts, including lower back and neck pain, difficulty exercising, difficulty breathing, and more.

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Gynecomastia is a procedure with the goal of removing excess fatty breast tissue from a man’s chest. This procedure can do wonders for men who feel self-conscious about their appearance and help to restore self-confidence and masculinity.

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Often women who obtain breast implants in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles do not seek a qualified, experienced surgeon to perform their breast enhancement procedures. Months or years following the original surgery, these women come to Dr. Hoefflin to correct the problems and deformities caused by their original surgery. Dr. Hoefflin is skilled at correcting all types of breast issues, and is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience performing this procedure.

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Tuberous breasts are misshapen due to a hereditary abnormality. The lower portion of the breast does not develop correctly, resulting in a breast that is malformed, narrow, and points downward. Fortunately, tuberous breasts can be corrected with the use of breast implant.

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