Consider Breast Reduction by a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon for the Right Reasons

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There are many possible reasons for a woman to seek a qualified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to perform breast reduction surgery; however, undergoing a breast reduction procedure to rectify a bullying situation at school shouldn’t be one of them. As preposterous as such a scenario may seem, it’s becoming a reality. Just ask the mother of a 13-year-old school bullying victim in Missouri. After reporting a bullying incident to school officials, the mother was told by a school district employee that she could either have her daughter switched to a different school or her daughter could have her breast size reduced to stop the teasing. Unfortunately, the Missouri girl’s case is only the latest in a string of incidents involving students who have opted for surgery to avoid bullying.

Even celebrity Katy Perry admitted that she too was bullied in middle school for having large breasts at a young age. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, however, Perry felt proud of her breasts. Despite the bullying, she managed to write her own success story as an artist and has become one of the top music performers in the world.

Those who choose to undergo a breast reduction in Beverly Hills should do it for the right reasons. Of course physical appearance is a factor most women consider, but many women choose to reduce their breast size primarily because they experience medical problems and severe discomfort due to oversized breasts. Large breasts can cause back problems due to their excessive weight. Some women also experience skin irritation underneath the breasts due to constant abrasion. For others, bras cause painful grooves in the shoulders because of the weight of the breasts.

Not all women are good candidates for a breast reduction, but a qualified plastic surgeon like Jeffrey D. Hoefflin can help patients weight their options and can customize a surgical procedure tailored to each patient’s body and aesthetic goals. Although a breast reduction can be performed at any age, it’s best to wait until the breasts have fully matured before an operation.


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