Dr. Hoefflin uses the latest in advanced surgery techniques in performing his Los Angeles and Beverly Hills breast augmentation or breast enhancement procedures. The transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA), “scarless” or “belly-button” breast augmentation is a revolutionary technique in which saline implants may be placed through the belly button, leaving no visible scars on the breasts. Breast implants are placed beneath the pectoralis muscle, producing long-lasting, natural, and beautiful results. The approach is unparallaled in terms of rapid recovery, minimal discomfort, shorter operating time, and most importantly, leaving no visible scar. During your consultation with Dr. Hoefflin, the various options and techniques for both breast implant selection and location of implant placement will be discussed. At the same time, your aesthetic goals and expectations will be discussed at length. Customized literature that describes breast surgery procedures in detail will be provided.



Dr. Hoefflin performs his Los Angeles and Beverly Hills transumbilical breast augmentations (TUBA) as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia with deep sedation or under general anesthesia, as administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. All operations are performed within fully credentialed and state-of-the-art surgical facilities.

A small hidden incision is made within the belly button itself. A simple tunnel is then created between the skin and the abdominal muscles, extending from the belly button to the breast. Once reaching the breast, specialized instruments are used to place the breast implant beneath the pectoralis muscle (submuscular). The implants are then filled with saline to the desired size to meet the patient’s aesthetic goals.



Comfortable, form-fitted bras are placed and encouraged for four to six weeks. A light compression dressing is placed around the navel for 24 hours. Patients may shower within 24 hours. Slight bruising and swelling is common for several weeks. A self-massaging protocol is initiated after several weeks to maintain breast and implant softness.

Our patients are surprisingly free of discomfort due to the long-acting local anesthetic injections and nerve blocks. Pain after this procedure is unusual. Small self-absorbing sutures are placed within the belly button and are usually gone within seven days.

Most patients tell us they feel much better than expected following their surgery and are able to return to work and social activities within several days to one week following surgery. Light exercise can be resumed after several weeks and an unrestricted return to all activities within six weeks.


When performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, the risk of serious problems after a Los Angeles TUBA breast augmentation are rare. Specific risks and the suitability of breast augmentation procedures for a given individual can be determined at the time of consultation. You can reduce your risk of complications by closely following your surgeon’s instructions both before and after surgery.

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Above set: Transumbilical (TUBA) breast augmentation using Allergan/Natrelle style 68HP (High Profile) saline implants, 360cc, filled to 390 cc, using belly button incision.

Above set: Transumbilical (TUBA) breast augmentation using Allergan/Natrelle style 68HP (High Profile) saline implants, 320cc, filled to 330 cc, using belly button incision.

Above set: Transumbilical (TUBA) breast augmentation using Allergan/Natrelle style 68HP (High Profile) saline implants, 420cc, filled to 450 cc, using belly button incision.


These before & after photographs are patients of Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Hoefflin, who have given permission to have their photos published. They are for illustrative purposes only. While these photos depict actual patients, they are not a guarantee of results. Individual results for the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills transumbilical patients may vary.