Turning Back the Clock with a Mommy Makeover in Los Angeles

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Most expectant moms look forward to the day when they finally deliver their new bundle of joy. While childbearing and the safe delivery of a child are usually causes for celebration, the drastic physical changes mothers undergo to facilitate the birthing process can be anything but. A mother’s physique can look radically different from her pre-pregnancy shape after pregnancy and childbirth.

Excess body fat is often an unwelcome tradeoff for having a baby. In sunny Los Angeles, where the laidback beach lifestyle and the larger-than-life glamour of Tinseltown fuel a major fixation on beauty and fitness, some women feel the need to get back into shape as quickly as possible after having a baby. A new mom can choose to undergo a mommy makeover in Los Angeles to help restore her figures to its pre-baby shape.

A healthy diet and a dedicated exercise regimen can help a woman’s post-pregnancy figure immensely. Yet these methods may not be enough to produce the desired results. For quick, lasting, and safe results, some newly delivered mothers turn to a reputable plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills like Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoefflin.

A woman’s tummy may sag after childbirth—it was, after all, stretched to capacity during pregnancy. To deal with this concern, a plastic surgeon can perform liposuction followed by a tummy tuck procedure. These methods combined can reduce fat, tighten skin, and create a trimmer figure.

Meanwhile, factors pregnancy and breastfeeding can both have an effect on a mother’s breasts. Some women are lucky enough to retain their pre-pregnancy breast sizes, while others notice that their breasts sag and shrink after they are finished nursing due to tissue density loss as well as a shift in the fatty and connective tissues in the breasts. Skilled plastic surgeons can perform breast lift and breast augmentation procedures that leave inconspicuous scars and result in perkier, fuller breasts.

Pregnancy is not a walk in the park, and post-pregnancy physical changes can be a tough to deal with for many woman. Luckily, trusted plastic surgeons like Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoefflin can help mothers turn back the clock and regain the bodies they once had.


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