Well-Rounded: Breast Augmentation From Los Angeles Practitioners

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Breasts. The word calls many images to mind: the image of a mother nursing her child, the image of an adolescent girl shopping for her first bra, the image of a busty supermodel donning a magazine cover.

Women with small breasts can often have insecurities about their figures that begin when they are young and persist into adulthood. For these women, a qualified Los Angeles breast augmentation specialist like Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoefflin can help them achieve larger breasts while helping to improve their confidence and self image.

Officially known as augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation involves the insertion of implants into the breast to increase their size and shape. Both saline and silicone implants are used in breast augmentations, with silicone currently being the most popular choice. Saline implants are harmlessly absorbed into the body in the event of a rupture, but they also have the potential for a rippled appearance. The FDA approved silicone implants in 2006 and called them “safe and effective” opening up a second implant option. Silicone implants are often thought to have the most natural look and feel.

Implants are inserted into the body several ways: through the armpit, the bellybutton, just under the areola, or under the breast fold. Saline implants, in particular, can only be inserted through the bellybutton. Surgeons consult with each patient to determine the proper point of insertion, as there are many factors to consider.

Getting breast implants at a Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice is a major surgical procedure. Doctors, like skilled surgeon Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, try to make sure patients understand the benefits and risks up front and help determine if an individual is a good candidate for the procedure during an in-depth consultation. Women who are healthy, over 18 years old, not breastfeeding, and have no underlying medial issues are typically good candidates for this procedure.

The popular size-related adage “bigger is better” doesn’t always hold true for breast augmentations. Experienced doctors are able to guide patients to the size and type of implant that will best fit the patient’s body type and aesthetic goals.

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