What to Expect from a Los Angeles Breast Augmentation

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There’s scarcely a place where you’ll find people who care more about their looks than in Los Angeles. After all, Los Angeles is where you’ll find many of the most famous faces in the world. And, it’s also where you’ll find many of the most skilled cosmetic surgeons in the world.

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in Los Angeles. Women have many reasons for wanting breast augmentation: some Los Angeles breast augmentation patients feel that increasing their breast size will give them greater confidence. Others want to have a more proportional body. When you are considering breast augmentation, there are many things you should be aware of and expect during the process.

When you first meet with a cosmetic surgeon, communication is key. Be candid when answering the surgeon’s questions, as he will likely ask very personal ones, including questions about your medical history and mental and physical state, among others. One of the most prying questions the surgeon will ask is why you want to have this procedure.

Once the surgeon gains an understanding of what you want, he will then proceed to perform a physical examination. He’ll evaluate your breast width, height, volume, droopiness, areola size, areola position, ribcage curvature, crease position, and asymmetry. Breasts are as unique as the person they belong to. Following the physical examination, you and your surgeon will have a better understanding of your options based on your physical attributes.

On your second meeting with the surgeon (pre-operative visits are usually set 2 weeks before the surgery), the surgeon will have you look through a series of breast photographs so you can indicate your desired result. At the end of the meeting, you and your surgeon will have come to a common agreement about your surgical goals.

Most breast augmentation patients can return to their usual routines several days after the procedure. However, strenuous activities should be avoided for several weeks. If you want to look and feel good all over, you may have other cosmetic procedures performed along with your breast augmentation surgery. Talk to a Los Angeles Botox and breast augmentation expert like Jeffrey D. Hoefflin MD FACS to discuss the possibility of undergoing multiple procedures.