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Breast Reduction
Los Angeles

Many women with large breasts experience health problems associated with their bust size. Their weight can strain the lower back and neck as well as cause posture problems. Large busts can restrict physical activity and make exercise uncomfortable. Some women also report difficulty breathing caused by the excess weight bearing down on the chest cavity. In addition, women report skin irritation around bra lines and the formation of large bra-strap grooves on their shoulders caused by the weight. Most importantly, overly large breasts can lead to a poor self-image and low self-confidence. Women with problems like these are good candidates for the surgery.

About Reduction Surgery

During our Los Angeles breast reduction procedure, Dr. Hoefflin removes excess tissue, fat, and skin to create a smaller, more firm bust. If desired, the areola size can also be reduced and lifted to a more natural placement. Dr. Hoefflin performs the procedures in his state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center which conforms to the highest credentials. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, administered by one of our board-certified anesthesiologists. The surgery usually takes between two to three hours. Dr. Hoefflin carefully places small, self-absorbing sutures when closing all incisions, and he takes great care to ensure patient scars are as inconspicuous as possible.

Scarless Breast Reduction

Dr. Hoefflin uses all techniques in achieving beautiful, natural-looking results, including the “scarless” or liposuction reduction, vertical, and keyhole (anchor, wise) pattern techniques. During your consultation, Dr. Hoefflin, will explain the different surgical techniques that can be used for this procedure, depending upon the amount of volume desired, to help you achieve your desired goals.

About your recovery

Patients are sent home with light dressings and a comfortable surgical bra that lends support. We advise patients to wear soft, supportive bras without underwire for four to six weeks following surgery. Dr. Hoefflin’s patients typically experience very little pain due to the anesthetics used during the procedure and the pain medications prescribed for post-operative comfort. Moderate swelling and bruising in the days after surgery is common. Most patients can return to their normal routine within five to seven days after surgery. However, we encourage patients to wait three to four weeks post-surgery before returning to light exercise and at least six weeks before returning to vigorous exercise and activities.

Risks of Surgery

Complications from our Beverly Hills breast reduction surgery are rare, particularly if the procedure is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with the experience and expertise of Dr. Hoefflin. Specific risks will be determined and explained during your consultation. As always, you can reduce your risk of complications by closely following Dr. Hoefflin’s pre- and post-operative instructions.

To set up a consultation, contact Beverly Hills double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hoefflin a complimentary consultation.

Although breast augmentation continues to be the most popular breast enhancement procedure, thousands of women each year visit the office of a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to inquire about breast reduction surgery.

For women with overly large breasts, the results of a breast reduction in Los Angeles can be dramatic and can help women regain the perkier shape and the more youthful curves they desire. It can also alleviate many physical ailments associated with large breasts and it can go a long way in restring a woman’s self-confidence. If you are considering this procedure, it would be wise to consult with a reputable plastic surgeon such as Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoefflin in Beverly Hills who can help answer your questions and address your concerns.

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Good candidates for this procedure are women who are generally in good health, but who wish to reduce the size of their breasts for aesthetic or medical reasons. If you’re a smoker, you will be asked to quit smoking several weeks before the operation.

There are two breast reduction techniques: traditional and scarless. Traditional breast reduction involves the removal of excess tissue, fat, and skin. Scarless breast reduction utilizes liposculpting techniques. As each procedure has specific requirements and benefits, it’s important to ask your surgeon which technique is right for you.

Choose a surgeon who you feel comfortable around and who has demonstrated skill and expertise. Dr. Hoefflin is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience performing successful breast reduction procedures. Your doctor should show you before- and- after photos of his previous clients. Make sure the doctors on your shortlist are board-certified plastic surgeons to be certain from the start that your surgeon strives for the highest surgical standards.

In your first consultation, Dr. Hoefflin will evaluate the condition of your breasts, and talk with you about the size and shape you envision after breast reduction. You will have the opportunity to review photos of patients with a similar situation, and the results of surgery so you know what to expect. Your medical history will be reviewed to ensure the procedure will be safe to perform.

Although complications or other problems are rare after breast reduction in Beverly Hills plastic surgery centers, it is possible you won’t be satisfied with the results. The best way to avoid that problem is to choose a surgeon who is experienced and board certified, and to have realistic expectations about the outcome. If you have had unsatisfactory breast reduction or asymmetry correction surgery performed in the past, revision surgery is possible. Most doctors would be glad to explain your options for revision surgery.

While there are many surgeons in the Los Angeles area, a board-certified plastic surgeon has extensive education and experience as a resident in reconstructive and plastic surgery procedures. Board certification indicates that your surgeon meets all requirements, and has passed all examinations to successfully gain that certification. This certification typically requires sixteen years of training after high school, and reflects that the surgeon practices the highest standards.

As many cosmetic procedures are not covered by health insurance, Dr. Hoefflin offers options to finance your procedure. We can help you get the procedure you want, when you want it. The breast reduction surgery is not covered by insurance if being performed for cosmetic reasons. However, insurance coverage is often available to those with certain health issues caused by overly large breasts. Talk with your insurance company to see if this procedure is something they cover, and ask for information on obtaining pre-authorization.