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Breast Revision Beverly Hills

Breast Revision in Beverly Hills, CA

Breast augmentations and revisions are some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States—particularly in the Los Angeles area—and one of the most frequent surgeries that Dr. Hoefflin performs at his practice in Beverly Hills.

More and more women choose to undergo breast augmentation every year, and when they do, they are looking for safe, effective implants that will give them a youthful and natural-looking bust line that enhances appearance. Surgical techniques are always improving, allowing for a greater degree of precision and safety, and most patients are extremely happy with the results of breast implants, when the procedure is performed correctly. However, some patients may be dissatisfied with the results achieved by another surgeon, and seek a Beverly Hills breast revision surgeon they can trust. Our Beverly Hills breast revision surgery may be necessary due to patient dissatisfaction, after complications with the original implants, or as a result of changes to the body.

Reasons to Get Breast Revision Surgery

Sometimes, the breast implants do not settle against the body properly. This can result in bottoming out (low-riding implants) or high-riding implants, visible bubbles or wrinkles, or breast asymmetry. There is also the possibility of complications with the implant itself, such as implant rupture or capsular contracture, wherein the implant becomes surrounded a constricting capsule of scar tissue. Schedule a consultation today for arguably the best breast implant revision Los Angeles has to offer.

A follow-up breast augmentation or revision may be needed any time the body undergoes a significant change, such as after having children, gaining or losing weight, or due to the natural changes that come about as the result of aging. Additionally, most implants have a lifespan of no more than 10 years, meaning they should be replaced every decade or so. Thankfully, the technology is advancing, and there are more options in size, shape, and “feel” in both saline and silicone now available.

There are also patients who are dissatisfied with their new breast size, wishing they had chosen either a larger or smaller size, and your aesthetic goals must always be a top priority for any aesthetic surgery. Visual results can also be compromised when the original augmentation is performed by an under-experienced or less-qualified surgeon, so choosing the right plastic surgeon is crucial. If you feel that the initial surgery did not give you the look you envisioned, or if there are issues with the implants, you may benefit from arguably the best breast implant revision Beverly Hills has to offer.

Dr. Hoefflin is a leading Beverly Hills, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, and is highly-skilled in breast augmentation revision and correction. In addition to primary surgeries, he regularly corrects problems posed by previous procedures. As the only plastic surgeon in the office, he personally performs every consultation and surgical procedure, using the best techniques and materials in the field of plastic surgery, so he can give his patients the youthful, natural-appearing bust lines they envisioned. Dr. Hoefflin regularly performs breast revision surgeries for patients who have changed their aesthetic goals, have experienced complications from a previous procedure, or simply need a change due to natural body changes. To learn more about what Dr. Hoefflin can do for you, contact our office today for arguably the best breast revision Los Angeles has to offer.

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The recovery from breast revision surgery will be similar to what you experienced in your primary breast augmentation. Many women with breast implants choose to undergo revision surgery, whether to resolve a problem, to get larger or smaller implants, or because it is time – breast implants do not last forever and should be replaced periodically.

The usual recovery issues you will experience include stiffness, bruising, and swelling. During the early stages of healing, most patients rely on prescription pain medication to stay comfortable. Within a few days, only over the counter pain medication is typically needed. You will need to completely avoid raising your arms above your head, lifting, or straining. Most patients can return to work after about one week of rest and healing, and on to normal activities within a few weeks.

Many patients come to Dr. Hoefflin for breast revision surgery as they are experiencing an unpleasant and unsightly problem – capsular contracture. This is a problem created by an excess of scar tissue developing around an implant. The implant is trapped within this scar tissue, and the breasts now feel hard, look and feel unnatural, and can lead to a great deal of discomfort – and embarrassment. The first step in relieving the problem is to have a full medical evaluation to determine what procedure is needed in your case Contact Dr. Hoefflin for arguably the best capsular contracture treatment Beverly Hills has to offer.

We focus on patient safety and health, and you may need certain tests prior to undergoing breast revision surgery. You may need an imaging test as part of preparation for revision. You will need to be healthy, not currently smoke, and have all the medications and supplement you take reviewed, as your medications may need to be adjusted prior to and following surgery.

Plan what you need in advance, including having everything you will need during recovery easily accessed near your bed or reclining chair. Arrange for a friend or family member to drive you to and from your surgery, and to stay with you to help in the first few days. Get any prescription you need following surgery filled prior to your surgical appointment.

Breast implants are a manmade item, and do not last forever. It is a generally accepted rule that breast implants should be replaced after about ten years. Every person is different, and some people have trouble requiring breast revision surgery within a year or two of breast augmentation, while others will have implants that last, look excellent, and cause no trouble for far longer than ten years. If you have silicone implants and are concerned, it is advised that you have an imaging test so that you are confident that the implant is not leaking.

One of the most common issues is that a person wishes they had chosen larger (or smaller) implants. Beyond the cosmetic problems, some common issues include infections, capsular contracture, hardened or misshapen breasts, one breast higher than the other, a ruptured implant, breasts too close together or too far apart, or unevenly positioned on the chest. All these issues can be resolved with the help of Dr. Hoefflin at his Beverly Hills plastic surgery clinic.